SharePoint for IT Management — A Comprehensive Tutorial for Learning and Applying SharePoint

Master SharePoint’s Features and Techniques to Streamline IT Management Processes and Boost Productivity

22 min readJun 5


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SharePoint is a powerful cloud-based collaboration platform that enables organizations to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications.

Why is SharePoint important?

SharePoint holds great importance for organizations due to its ability to enhance collaboration, productivity, and information management.

  1. Improved Collaboration — facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling users to share documents, create lists and tasks, and communicate through discussion boards and chat. It promotes teamwork and streamlines project management.
  2. Increased Productivity — Centralizing content and automating tasks. It can generate reports automatically and send out notifications, saving manual effort and improving efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Information Management — organizing and managing information. Users can create custom lists and libraries.

How does SharePoint help us?

SharePoint provides various ways to support organizations

  1. Storing and Managing Documents — serves as a centralized repository for documents, enabling…



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