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System Thinking —When Can Someone Be Mature?

We can refuse anything, but we can never refuse maturity.

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From a psychological point of view, the hallmark of a person’s maturity is the ability to see the world from more diverse and integrated perspectives and to have a relatively more complex self. Golden Allport designed 6 criteria for the mature personality

  1. Extension of the sense of self/ Being able to look at yourself positively but objectively and realistically
  2. Warm relating to self to others: trust, empathy, tolerance, etc/ able to establish intimate relationships with others
  3. Have a sense of humor/very insightful into one’s own behavior
  4. Emotional Security or Self-acceptance
  5. Realistic perception of the environment/Having common sense
  6. Unifying philosophy of life

The person’s maturity depends on his level of self-development. It refers to “how complex a person’s experience of himself and the world can be”. In other words, the ego is a series of “collections of ego mechanisms”. How much awareness and tolerance of the complexity of the world and relationships? How complex of emotions can we have?

The process of self-development is continuous. However, the level of self-development and age are no longer necessarily related.

Jane Loevinger designed a model for us to understand the stages of ego development.

  1. Impulsive
  2. Self-protective
  3. Conformist
  4. Self-Aware
  5. Conscientious
  6. Individualistic
  7. Autonomous
  8. Integrated
  9. Flowing

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